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I had a week’s holiday to use and I wanted to spend it in the best hotel I could find. That was why I chose The Haven. Set in a country park, I thought I would be able to escape the problems and pressures of __1__ life. But, just twenty-four hours after arriving there, my wife and I experienced problems with the restaurant, the service and the __2__.

We should have left and returned to our __3__ when we saw two policemen walking outside the hotel, __4__the building. One of them showed us how our room could be __5__in through the windows. It seems that the hotel has no __6__ on the windows. Although we were a little worried, our concerns were __7__ when we believed a good-sized bed, a flat-screen TV, a spa bath and more suggested a comfortable stay.

Things started to go from bad to worse the following morning when I found the restaurant only served __8__ meals. I was disappointed and upset: six days of rabbit food and no steak and chips? What had I let myself in for? We should have been told about the food before we__9__. I ordered my breakfast against my will __10__, but I had to wait forty-five minutes for it to arrive. This was not the __11__I expected.

That afternoon, when we returned from a tour around a village nearby, we found that nearly £200 had been stolen from our room. The Haven__12__to refund us the money. They claimed that they could not be responsible for any loss if our __13__ was not locked.

My holiday was then a total __14__; I thought a “haven” was supposed to be a quiet, peaceful place. __15__ I have experienced more stress and worry in that one day than I usually do working in the office for a week

1. A. real B. daily C. whole D. holiday

2. A. price B. staff C. luxury D. security

3. A. home B. hotel C. room D. country

4. A. admiring B. searching C. restoring D. inspecting

5. A. viewed B. flown C. slipped D. crawled

6. A. locks B. grass C. frame D. curtains

7. A. shown B. concealed C forgotten D .overemphasized

8. A. low-fat B. high-nutrient C. home-made D. ready-cooked

9. A. started B. ordered C. planned D. booked

10. A. somehow B. instead C. anyway D. otherwise

11. A. food B. service C. holiday D. entertainment

12. A. promised B. refused C. pretended D. desired

13. A. safe B. room C. door D. window

14. A. rush B. comedy C. failure D. conflict

15. A. In fact B. Despite that C. By contrast D. At last





5.【答案】C。解析:考查動詞辨析。view觀察、查看;flown是fly的過去分詞形式;slip滑、滑倒;crawl爬行,匍匐前進。其中slip in是固定搭配,偷偷溜進去。句意:他們中的一位向我們展示壞人是如何從窗戶偷偷溜進房間的。故選C項。



8.【答案】A。解析:考查形容詞詞義辨析。low-fat低脂肪的;high-nutrient高營養的;home-made家里做的;ready-cooked做好的,燒好的。根據后文six days of rabbit food (兔食、青色拉或生蔬菜)and no steak and chips? 可知,賓館餐廳所提供的食物很差,且都是低脂肪的。







15.【答案】A。解析:考查介詞短語。in fact事實上;despite that盡管;by contrast相比之下;at last最后、最終。句意:事實上我經歷了比平時在辦公室工作的一周更多的壓力和擔憂。故本題選A項。


A student went to college (大學) after __1__all his school examinations. There he put his name down for world geography, __2__after the first day; he did not go to __3__ any more. The teacher noticed that this student was __4__ absent (缺席) and thought that he had changed to __5__ class. He was very __6__ when he saw the boy’s name on the list (名單) of students __7__ wanted to take the geography examination __8__ the end of the year.

The teacher had prepared a difficult examination paper, which covered __9__ he had taught, and he was eager (急切) to see __10__ this student answered the questions. He expected that his answer would be very __11__; but when he examined his paper carefully, he found only one small mistake in them. __12__ this surprised him very much, he went through the paper ___13___ , but was still not able to find __14___ one mistake, so he sent __15__the student to question him about his work. When the student had __16__ the room, the teacher said to him, “I know that you came to my class only once on the first day and that you have been absent from all the others. Yet I have found only one small mistake in your paper. __17__ is that?”

“Oh, I’m sorry about that mistake, sir,” answered the student. “After the examination, I realized __18__ I ought to have written. I would not have made that mistake __19__ I had not been confused (弄糊涂) by your __20__ lecture.”

1. A. having B. taking C. passing D. failing

2. A. so B. but C. however D. had

3. A. it B. lesson C. college D. class

4. A. always B. once C. never D. sometimes

5. A. another B. the other C. other D. others

6. A. angry B. happy C. sorry D. surprised

7. A. that he B. he C. who D. whom

8. A. in B. at C. after D. by

9. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

10. A. what B. when C. how D. why

11. A. good B. full C. nice D. bad

12. A. For B. As C. So D. Though

13. A. two times B. twice C. once D. again once

14. A. more than B. another C. the other D. second

15. A. with B. to C. on D. for

16. A. reached to B. arrived to C. arrived into D. come into

17. A. Why B. What C. How D. Which

18. A. where B. why C. what D. when

19. A. unless B. if C. because D. as

20. A. first B. last C. latest D. certain


2.【答案】B。解析:考查連詞。由he didn’t go to ____ any more.可知這里應是一個轉折的關系。故選B。

3.【答案】D。解析:考查內容的理解。根據下文的意思可知這位學生再也沒有去過世界地理這個班。而且根據he had changed to ____ class可知選D。

4.【答案】A。解析:本題考查頻率副詞。根據上文中he didn’t go to ____ any more.可知,該學生總是不去上課。故選A。




8.【答案】A。解析:固定搭配。一年的年末用in the end of the year來表達。



11.【答案】D。解析:考查形容詞。由but when he examined his paper carefully, he found only one small mistake in them.這句話可知這個結果是跟老師的預想完全相反的。老師本以為他會答的很糟糕。故選D。


13.【答案】D。解析:考查表示次數的副詞。因為老師不相信這位總是缺課的學生答題答的竟是如此好,所以又再看了一次。again once表示又一次,再次。故選D。

14.【答案】A。解析:根據文章意思可知,老師只發現一處錯誤。所以說not able to find more than one mistake.意思是僅僅一處錯誤。

15.【答案】D。解析:考查動詞詞組。send for意思是召喚,派人去叫。

16.【答案】D。解析:走進教室,應該用come into,連接一個比較小的地點。arrive指到達一個大的地方。reach to表示接觸,觸到。故選D。

17.【答案】C。解析:考查疑問代詞。How is that意為“那是怎么一回事?”。故選C。












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